Appliance Install – Tankless Water Heater Install in Miami (2022)

Electrical Scope

Electricians installed a brand new electrical circuit to support the installation of a new tankless water heater and enabled the installation of a wall mounted television in a living room with large ceilings through the extension of a high voltage circuit to install a new electrical outlet and creation of low voltage circuits to conceal all wiring.

Electrical Project Details

Overview of the electrical project, technicians, and the service area.

Master Electrician Team
  • Master Electrician: Jonathan Aguilar
  • Lead Electrician: Eduardo Peron
  • Customer Type: Residential Electrical
Electrician Service Area Map

Project Details

Extend & Create Electrical Circuits

  • Extend power from an existing circuit located under TV equipment up to existing TV location and install a duplex receptacle to conceal outlet behind wall mounted television
  • Install two low voltage plates behind television and behind television equipment to conceal all wiring behind the television

Install Tankless Water Heater

  • Change existing 2 pole 40 amp circuit to a 2 pole 30 amp circuit and add a 30 amp disconnect at the water heater location
  • Install 3/4″ electrical conduit from a junction box (J-box) from the water heater location
  • Pull electrical wiring to the junction box (J-box) from the electrical panel

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