Commercial Lighting Upgrade – Replacement of Gym Light Fixtures (2023)

Commercial Lighting Upgrade – Electrical Scope

Electricians demolished existing light fixtures at a commercial gym and installed high-efficiency LED lightings to support an improved lighting plan with lower energy usage

Electrical Project Details

Overview of the electrical project, technicians, and the service area.

Master Electrician Team
  • Master Electrician: Jonathan Aguilar
  • Lead Electrician: Angel Martinez

Project Details

Demolition of Existing Fixtures

  • Demolition of 68 low-efficiency light fixtures currently installed around gym
  • This is to replace a service rated disconnect up to 100 amps that is recessed mounted or a high difficulty

Install High Efficiency Lighting

  • Relocation of conduit and wiring to support higher efficiency commercial lighting plan
  • Installation of 34 new low bay high-efficiency led lights

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