Duplex Conversion – Electrical Meter Change in Miami (2022)

Duplex Conversion – Electrical Scope

Electricians enabled a duplex conversion in Miami by installing 2 main disconnects & replacing 200-amp meter base & grounding system for safety

The electrician provided and installed two main disconnects for two separate panels in the main electrical location in order to increase the amount of electricity delivered to a property for a duplex conversion. This was done to replace a service-rated disconnect with a maximum capacity of 100 amps that was either recessed mounted or posed a high difficulty for installation.

The electrician also replaced the main grounding system, which involved installing two ground rods and an inter-system bonding bridge and wire from the grounding devices to the electrical panel. The grounding system helps protect the home from short circuits and lightning and meets all grounding requirements outlined by the National Fire Protection Alliance (NFPA). Finally, the electrician replaced the existing 200-amp meter base by demolishing the old meters and installing a new stack meter to feed the duplex.

Electrical Project Details

Overview of the electrical project, technicians, and the service area.

Master Electrician Team
  • Master Electrician: Jonathan Aguilar
  • Lead Electrician: Alexis Calderon

Project Details

Provide and Install Main disconnects

  • Provide and Install 2 Main disconnects for (2) Separate Panels in Main electrical location
  • This is to replace a service rated disconnect up to 100 amps that is recessed mounted or a high difficulty

Install/Replace Main Grounding System

  • Technician provided and installed 2 Ground rods and Inter-system bonding bridge and wire from said to devices to electrical panel.
  • Grounding systems protect your homes devices from short circuits and lighting as well as meets all grounding requirements for grounding fundamentals per NFPA ( National Fire Protection Alliance)

Install/Replace Electrical Meter

  • Install/Replace up to 200 Amp Meter Base
  • Demolish existing Meters
  • Provide and Install (1) Stack meter to feed duplex

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