High-Quality Electrical Panel Repair & installation in Coral Gables

Your homes Electrical Panel is the Heart of your homes Electrical System. If your home’s Electric Panel is not working at 100% then you could be having all sorts of issues, for instance: Flickering lights, appliances going bad, parts of your home not working, or even more serious issues such as total loss of power and electrical fires, Keep your loved ones safe by routinely (once a year) Performing a safety inspection of your homes electrical systems and catch any issues before they turn into a something Greater. 

Below are some of our Most popular Electrical Panel Services: 

  • Electrical Panel Repair
  • Electrical Panel Installation or Replacement
  • Electrical Panel Relocation
  • Breaker and Fuse Repair
  • Sub Panel Installation and Repairs.

Electrical Panel Installation

When you need an electrical panel replacement or Installation, there’s no denying time is of the essence, and our goal is to inconvenience your household as little as possible, that’s why our Trucks are stocked With over 2,500 Parts including  Electrical Panel’s , Our Pros will be in and out in no time, All while Ensuring the appropriate Permitting and Code Compliance has been met. No matter the case our qualified Pros will Provide a Quality Installation at an affordable price.


Electrical Panel Repair

 Save time and money by having one of our qualified technicians analyze your current electrical panel and determine if a repair would be a better option than a total replacement. However more often than not when you need a repair, you need it ASAP, that’s why at Electrik Pros were available 24/7 365 to make sure we’re there when you need us most.


Breaker and Fuse Repair:

Breakers or fuses are the devices in your electrical panel responsible for shutting off the power within milliseconds in the case of an electrical issue in your homes electrical system. If your breakers are tripped or buzzing/ humming do not attempt to reset them as you may cause serious bodily injury or harm to yourself and others, Instead call our highly trained electricians who will safely determine the root of your issue and provide you with a clear, affordable estimate with no hidden fees.


Why Electrik Pros?

When you choose us for your Electrical Repair and Installation needs you also get all the perks that were known for in the community.

On-Time or it’s Free

Your time is valuable and we want to show you just how important it is to us. If we’re not on time you pay a total of $0.00.

Licensed and Insured

Finding a Licensed and insured electrician in south Florida is becoming increasingly difficult, call us today and rest assured we will meet all local and governmental regulations as well as having all required Licensing.

Knowledgeable Pros 

At Electrik Pros we strive to have the most knowledgeable and friendly staff available, that’s why our Pros receive continuing bi-weekly training both in the latest Electrical devices and wiring methods as well as code compliance and most importantly, Customer service. Call us today and experience the difference.