Looking to get Homeowners insurance? Buying a Property and want to know of any issues before you commit? Or even if you want to do a routine check of your homes electrical systems for your piece of mind. At Electrik Pros our Technicians are Trained in executing our thorough 10 Point Electrical inspection checklist. Electrical Systems can fail over time without the proper maintenance. This is especially true if your home is near the ocean which is highly corrosive, knowing of areas needing attention before any serious issues arise is crucial to both your safety and making sure the issue does not turn into something  more costly in the future. Call Us today and schedule your homes Electrical Safety Inspection.

Some of the things we look for during your Safety Inspection include but are not limited to

(Per. 2014 National Electrical Code and 2014 NFPA National Fire Protection Alliance)

  • All Receptacles in a bathroom must be GFCI protected.
  • There must be a Receptacle within 3’ of the outside edge of a sink.
  • To avoid overloading a circuit and creating a short the bathroom must have its own 20 Amp dedicated circuit.
  • There should not be any Receptacles Face up on the counter top.
  • If a Jacuzzi is present it must be protected by a GFCI circuit breaker.
  • All receptacles in a kitchen must be GFCI protected.
  • Receptacles Must not be Face up on counter tops or more than 20” above the counter top.
  • If a island is present there should be at least one Receptacle on it.
Electric Panels:
  • Must not be located within 3’ of a water source.
  • Must be Bonded only at the First Means of disconnect.
  • There should not be any Double tapped Breakers.
  • If the Electrical Panel is a Early model Zinsco or has aluminum bus bars it is a potential fire hazard.
  • Breakers should be sized in accordance with wire size to prevent Melting of wires and potential for fires.


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