As south Florida residents were no strangers to power outages and the stress, Inconveniences that come along with it, primarily caused by Hurricanes. Short and long term power outages unfortunately are common in many cities nearby even when the weather is not the issue. Don’t be caught off guard, At Electrik Pros we offer various solutions for your homes power needs, ensuring your running your home at 100% even when your neighbors don’t have any power. Our Stand-By and Portable Generators Run on Propane, Liquid Propane or traditional Gas and Diesel, even if you’d like to use your existing generator our Pros will ensure in the event of an outage your home has the necessary hardware to safely Power up.

Automatic Transfer Switch Installation:

In the event of a power outage you shouldn’t have to worry about having to go In the garage, find your generator, go through the process of starting it up and connecting it up to your panel. Instead with our Automatic transfer switch installation your generator will be at a fixed location and on Stand-By, in the event of a power failure it will sense the loss of power and automatically turn on powering your entire home.

Stand-by and Portable Generator Installation:

Whether you provide your own Generator or we supply a generator suitable for your homes power consumption needs, Our Pros are educated and trained in the NEC And NFPA Requirements to ensure a Safe Code-Compliant Installation. Call us today to set up your Commitment Free Consultation with our Local Pros.


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