Commercial Lighting Repair:

Our Pros are skilled and experienced in commercial lighting repair, some of the systems we have worked on include but are not limited to: CFL (Compact Fluorescents), T5 T8 T12 Fluorescent Tube, Fluorescent to LED Retrofitting, HID to LED Retrofits, Tape lights/ LED strips, Sconces, Chandeliers, High Bay, Emergency lights, High Pressure Sodium, Metal Halide, Recessed Lighting, Accent Lighting, Security Lighting, IR Infrared Lighting.

Commercial Lighting Maintenance:

At Electrik Pros we offer some of the most comprehensive maintenance packages for HOA’S, Business owners and Builders. Our Lead Project Managers will assess all components of your buildings or Associations lighting infrastructure to ensure all lighting components are easily accessible should any repairs be needed and will provide you with a clear no hassle proposal in regards to your property’s lighting needs. Call us Today and set up your Free evaluation.

Commercial Lighting New Installation’s:

No matter what type of lighting your wanting to add to your commercial space, were your Go-To Pros. Recessed, Wall Mounted, Suspended, LED, We routinely install systems that help our clients reduce their electrical consumption by up to an incredible 85% Yes that’s 85%!. Ask us how Today Servicing your Business or commercial properties inside and out.

Recessed Lighting:

Recessed lighting is the key to sleek and space enlarging lighting, they’re the workhorse of all lighting.
The majority or all office lighting is either 2 x 4 fluorescent lay in fixtures and are quickly being outdated by modern Energy efficient and stylish recessed lights. Call us today for a Free evaluation of how Electrik Pros can Revamp your space while saving you some money.

Fluorescent Lighting:

Fluorescent has been around for ages, chances are you’ve probably seen one or are under a fluorescent fixture as you read this. The majority of buildings and commercial spaces have thousands of these lights and changing each and every single one out is impractical, our skilled technicians are trained in fluorescent light repair and new technologies developed in house have been designed to lower your maintenance costs while keeping the same look and feel of your space.

LED Lighting:

The favorite of business and property owners all around, LED Lighting is the workhorse of modern day lighting

  • Reduced Electric Consumption
  • Able to be run 24/7
  • The lowest Maintenance Cost of any Lighting infrastructure, short and long Term.
  • Little to No Heat output (Meaning lighting ecosystem won’t dampen A/C performance)
Retrofit Solutions:

Just because your building or structure is older or in need of an update does not mean you can’t have energy efficient virtually maintenance free lighting. Our Pros are trained and skilled in finding unique methods to Retrofit: Changeover your existing lighting no matter what system you currently employ, to LED. Call us today, set up a Free estimate with one of our Pros and find out just how much you could be saving.


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