Recessed Lighting In Miami:

Change the look of your home or office with LED Recessed Lighting, guaranteed to make your space appear larger and offer more Light at a fraction of your current electric bill. Whether you want to add Recessed Lights to your Homes interior or Exterior, Electrik Pros are your Go-To Pros.

Landscape Lighting:

Get the most out of your home with Beautiful Landscape Lighting! Brighten Up the exterior of your home and bring attention to your Luscious Greenery, Transforming your homes exterior into the perfect space for you, your family and friends to enjoy and relax in. Call us today and schedule a Free Landscape Evaluation!

Decorative lighting – Accent Lighting:

The difference between a house and home is in the details/accents, it creates a fourth layer of interior and exterior illumination. Our Pros are skilled and trained in adding value and curb appeal to your home with our wide selection of LED wall sconces, recessed lights, pendants and many more. We also install customer provided fixtures.

Exterior Lighting:

Our Pros Calculate and plan ahead while keeping in mind your lighting needs, When Lighting your Porch, Foyer, Patio Cabana, Pool Deck or adding Wall Sconce’s, guaranteed To provide your home the accent Lighting it deserves. We also offer Post lighting, Porch Lighting, Coach lighting, Security Lighting and flood lighting.

Ceiling Fan Installation:

With the Rising heat in South Florida, Most of us are installing Fans in our homes To lower our Electric Bill’s. Whether you’d like to install a Ceiling Fan in your homes Bedroom’s, Living Room or outdoor Area ee can safely install your fans and ensure you stay cool for years to come with our hassle-free 2 Year Warranty on Labor.

Security Lighting:

Don’t leave your home vulnerable to being Burglarized. Our pros are Trained in proper light placement to deter and detect intrusion or criminal activity in any property. Call us Today for a Free Assessment of your homes (Dark Zones) Which may be leaving you and your loved Ones vulnerable. Our state-of-the-art Security Lighting is both effective and Energy Efficient.


Flickering, Humming, Faded, Discolored Or even Fixtures Not Turning on? No matter what your issue is we offer an affordable solution to your Fluorescent Lighting Problem.


Don’t be left in the dark because you forgot to turn that switch on before going to bed, or Don’t leave your house Dark while away, with our Modern Timers you can Automate almost any light or Appliance in your home.


More common in homes now more than ever, gift yourself And your eyes the convenience of being able to Dim any light In your home at will. Whether its your TV Room Bedroom or bathroom, Electrik Pros has you covered.


Want to reduce your electric bill?
Call us today for a Free home or business evaluation and let us show you how much you could save in energy use and maintenance by switching over to LED Lighting.


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