Miami Lightning Protection Systems:

In Florida we frequently experience more lightning than any other state in the united states, and with it comes the possibility of thousands of dollars in life and property damages. At Electrik Pros we take lightning very seriously and offer home owners and business owners various solutions to protect themselves and their property from lightning strikes and the surges in voltage they cause. Whether you looking for Air Terminal Installation, Grounding System Installation, or Surge Protector Installations Electrik Pros are your Go-To Pros.

Air Terminals and lightning rods:

Commonly located on Rooftops, Air Terminals are devices with the purpose of Catching and redirecting Lightning strikes towards the earth which would have otherwise struck the building or structure.

Grounding Systems:

In the case of a Fault with one of your home or businesses circuits, a lightning strike or a surge in utility power, The grounding system in your home is the work horse which then takes that stray power and redirect it towards the earth and away from your home. If your home or business is not properly grounded then Your Circuit breakers won’t trip which is a recipe for bodily harm and significantly increases your potential for Fires.

Surge protectors:

While Having your home or business properly grounded ensures you won’t run the risk for bodily harm or fires in the case of a lightning strike or Fault, that sadly is not the case for your sensitive electronics. At Electrik Pros we often see home owners loose thousands of dollars in expensive appliances and computers. However with our surge protector installation, we ensure your whole home or business is protected from any surges in voltage, depending on which protection level (1,2 or 3) you choose, you may be entitled up to $25,000 in reimbursements in the case of a Power surge damaging your Electronics.


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