Electrical Repair & Installation in Miami

Looking for a reliable Miami electrician to help you with electrical repairs, installations, or upgrades? Look no further than Electrik Pros. With a team of fully licensed electricians who stay up-to-date on the latest electrical codes and regulations specific to the Miami area, we have helped thousands of clients and completed $2M+ worth of electrical construction work in Miami. From residential electrical services to commercial electrical services and new construction electrical contracting, we provide a comprehensive set of electrical services to ensure that your property is safe and functioning at its best. Keep reading to find out more about our services and how we can help you.

Most popular Electrical Services in Miami:

Your property’s Electrical Panel is the heart of your electrical system. If your electrical panel is not working at 100%, then you could having all sorts of problems ranging from flickering lights, appliances going bad, parts of your home not working to much more serious issues such as total loss of power and electrical fires. Keep your loved ones safe by routinely (once a year) performing a safety inspection of your homes electrical systems and catch any issues before they turn into serious problems. 

Jonathan Aguilar
Electrical Supervisor, Miami

“As a trained master electrician with 7+ years of experience, Electrik Pros is the best company I’ve ever worked for. We are a team of high quality professionals who ensure jobs are done right the first time.”

Electrical Panel Installation

When you need electrical repairs or installations, time is of the essence. Our goal is to provide as little disruption to your household  or business as possible, so we’ve stocked our warehouses with over 2,500 parts. Our team will be in and out in no time, all while ensuring the appropriate permitting and code compliance requirements for Coral Gables are met. Our goal it to a high quality electrical installation or repair or at an affordable price – guaranteed.

Electrical Panel Repair

Save time and money by having one of our qualified technicians analyze your current electrical panel and determine if a repair would be a better option than a total replacement. However more often than not when you need a repair, you need it ASAP, that’s why at Electrik Pros were available 24/7 365 to make sure we’re there when you need us most.

Breaker and Fuse Repair:

Breakers or fuses are the devices in your electrical panel responsible for shutting off the power in the case of an electrical issue in your homes electrical system. If your breakers are tripped or buzzing/ humming do not attempt to reset them as you may cause serious harm to yourself and others. Instead call our highly trained electricians who will safely determine the root of your issue and provide you with a clear, affordable estimate with no hidden fees.

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Residential Electrical Services

A professional Miami electrician offers a wide range of residential electrical services to keep your home safe and functioning at its best.

Electrical Troubleshooting; A critical service provided by our expert Miami electricians. This service involves diagnosing and fixing issues such as flickering lights, malfunctioning appliances, or tripped breakers. Electrical troubleshooting is a complex process that typically takes a trained electrician around 2 hours to complete, depending on the severity of the problem. Our technicians will check electrical connections, inspect wiring, or test components to identify any issues. It’s essential not to rely on a low-quality technician. A low skilled electrician or handyman may not be able to accurately diagnose the problem or may perform substandard or dangerous repair.

Wiring for Remodels or Additions: If you’re planning a remodel or addition, you’ll need a reliable Miami electrician to handle the electrical work. From new wiring to circuit upgrades, Electrik Pros can ensure that your project is not only completed to the highest standards, but to your highest levels of satisfaction. In addition, we know that many of Florida’s older home utilize dangerous and/ or outdated cloth wiring, and are proud to say we’ve helped many customers in rewiring their entire home so they can be covered by homeowner’s insurance.

Outlet and Switch Installations: As a premier Miami electrician, we installed thousands of outlets and switches for home in Miami-Dade. Whether you need new outlets for added convenience or a switch replacement for safety reasons, we’ve got you covered. We can support you from installing the standard 15 amp duplex outlet, GFCI outlets for your bathrooms and kitchens, to 20-40 amp outlets for your heavy duty household appliances such as electric stoves, water heaters, A/C units, microwaves, and refrigerators.

Landscape Lighting: Unlike many other Miami electricians, we can also help you enhance your outdoor living spaces with landscape lighting. We helped many clients illuminate their pathways, highlight  garden features, or create an inviting atmosphere for outdoor entertaining. We’ve worked with the installation of brand new lighting systems, repairing existing landscape systems, or making upgrades to parts of a larger system.

Commercial Electrical Services

Electric Pros is the leading commercial Miami electrician. We provide a comprehensive set of commercial electrical services that help keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

Tenant Build-Outs: Our team has handled hundreds of tenant build-outs in Miami-Dade county. We will ensure that your commercial space will pass all the required electrical inspections and will be ready for occupation on-time and on-budget. We’ll work closely with you, your construction plans, and your general contractor to design and install the necessary electrical systems to suit your specific needs.

Electrical Upgrades: As a top Miami electrician, we know and live by the importance of keeping your electrical systems up-to-date. We can any perform electrical upgrades you require to ensure that your business can handle the increased demands of modern technology. We helped many of Miami’s leading property managers, developers, and owner/operators update their electrical service, panels, wiring, and upgrade or install appliances to support the electrification of their property.

Lighting Retrofits: A Miami electrician can also help you save on energy costs by retrofitting your existing lighting with more efficient LED options that have much longer lifespan than the traditional metal halide installations. This simple change can lead to significant savings over time to help generate extra cash flow and become eligible for the many tax credits made available in the Inflation Reduction Act and by the state of Florida.

New Construction Electrical Contracting

When it comes to new construction projects, partnering with a reliable Miami electrician is critical to the success of the project. Over the past 5+ years, we have worked Miami’s leading architects, builders, and contractors to design and install high-quality electrical systems to meet the needs specific requirements of each project outlined in the plans. We deliver on-time and on-budget.

Designing Electrical Systems: Our team of experts will work with you and your construction plans create a customized electrical design to suit your project’s needs. We’ll ensure that the system is efficient, safe, and compliant with local codes and regulations.

Installing Wiring and Components: As a top-tier electrical contractor, we take pride and great care in installing wiring and components required for a successful new construction project. We use the appropriate balance of high-quality and value engineered electrical materials and carefully follow leading practices and the national electrical code to ensure a successful and long-lasting installation.

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Second time now with diagnosis/ service with Electrik Pros for my South Beach condo. Angel is amazing makes the scheduling and coordination of the job with my building management a breeze!!! Also Jorgito Machado the electrician was very smart , on time and very professional. Top Rate and stress free highly recommend this company .
Jorge Machado was a very good worker, very professional, friendly and kind.. highly recommended this company, and congratulations to him. Thanks for your service 👍
Excellent Electrician Fabian with Electrik Pros. Took care of my problem with my switch for my chandelier.Very nice polite person.
Incredible customer service by Juan of Electrik Pros. Not only knowledgeable and personable, but quick to get things done
I’ve worked with Electrik Pros through my company and I’ve had a great experience. We’ve developed a great working relationship and im happy to have found them after having worked with electricians who are unresponsive and unnecessarily expensive. Kayla and Joshua in their scheduling department are both wonderful and their technicians have been great. Definitely recommend.
Overall, great experience. I was able to book the service quickly and Jorge, the technician, was very professional. Will definitely use their service again.
Tried to mess with power myself from an outlet that hadnt been working. Ive had a few handymen my landlord sent try to solve my issue with no success. I blew a lightswitch when i tried to do it myself. Called a few guys to come out. This one responded. Angel was very helpful on the phone and the tech Denny was was on time, knowledgable, and efficient. Diagnosis, treatment, resolution within an hour. Now an outlet works that never worked before and I am happy.
I used Electrik Pro to fix a new light fixture and relocate another. Chris and George came to do the job and they were professional , courteous and timely. The team worked well together . When I book the appointment they offered a zoom call with Jorge who was very professional in his assessment and provided a free quotation which great .I had a great experience and highly recommended.
This company responded immediately and sent an electrician the same day. His name was Angel. He was professional, focus and fast. I will recommend this company to my friends and family. Great service!
Fantastic experience. Professional, neat, and friendly. Angel did a great job and he and the office were in constant communication. When I made a call or text I always received a communication back within minutes. Very rare these days. I can’t stress enough how good it was to have this company and Angel in particular do the work. They made great efforts to make it convenient by restoring power at the end of each day of work. I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting electrical work done.
I definitely recommend giving Electrik Pros a call if you’re looking for quality work from a trusted and reputable company. Also want to mention Josh from dispatch was great! Thank you!
I recently used Electrik Pros for a project in my business Skin Candy Bath & Body Shop located in Downtown Homestead and was extremely impressed with their level of professionalism. They were able to handle the permit process and scope of work in less than thirty days, which was a huge relief for me. The techs, Alexis and Jacob, were very knowledgeable and provided great attention to detail. They were also very courteous and cleaned up after themselves. The team had great interaction with the city inspector and were able to stay on track with the timeline. I am very happy with the service I received and will definitely be using Electrik Pros again in the future.
I called the company to come to install my electric stove top. Jeffrey, the estimator, showed up when they said they were going to show up. He explained everything clearly, and the technician Angel was extremely clean and did the work quickly
I recently had the pleasure of working with Electrik Pros to install new recessed lighting in my beach condo in Sunny Isles. Before hiring them, I looked at several competitors and ultimately chose them based on their professionalism and expertise. I am so glad that I did! The new lighting has completely transformed the look of my condo and has greatly improved the overall ambiance. I'd highly recommend them to anyone in need of electrical work. They are reliable, trustworthy, and deliver excellent results.
I have been using Electrik Pros for over 2 years since buying my rental property. Their team is very professional and have always done high quality work. They show up on time, provide detailed estimates, and get the work done right the first time
Have used this company several times over the years. Every technician has been courteous and knowledgeable, and has quickly taken care of the requested work without hesitation or problems. All work has been satisfactory. Would continue to use them. Very dependable.
This team is pure professionalism! I recently got an electric car and reached out to them about installing an EV charger for it at my home. It was super easy to schedule the work and discuss pricing with them, which they were happy to do transparently. Their tech arrived on time, was incredibly polite and professional, and did an outstanding job. There are zero complaints in my book - Electrik Pros will definitely be my go-to electricians from now on!
Heard about this company they were Uber professional we had a large commercial location that needed done with a quick turnaround gave them the scope of work got the quote great price! Had peace of mind they got the job done they were a lifesaver for my pre opening! Will be for sure contacting them in the future for all my business needs! You guys are just what we need in Miami reliable, dependable professional thank you for all your hard work much appreciated!
Found this company Electrick Pros they were amazing they new their stuff! And everything done that I requested such a seamless experience and so professional I would highly recommend them. Everything was completed perfectly to my request they really went above and beyond even with the timeframe I gave them thank you so much guys!
best company in south florida for your power needs. They were responsive and on call whenever you need help with you electric needs. Brandon, Josh and Jeffery were all amazing people to work with and all had a positive attitude when helping me with home needs and helping with city officials for permits
On time and professional. They're pricing was fair for the great quality work they provide. I would definitely recommend to anyone look for a great electrician in south Florida .
Great professional work done at its finest. Will definitely do business again with this company. This is definitely the company to trust.
Great service. Got my lights working within the hour and left everything clean after. Would definitely recommend to my friends and family.
Honest and up front with their pricing, they came out to my house and gave me a free estimate and didn’t make me feel pressured into hiring them on the spot but they were so thorough explaining everything and their prices seemed very fair that I decided to not keep looking and I’m glad I did. Will highly recommend them to friends and family
Honest and up front with their pricing, they came out to my house and gave me a free estimate and didn’t make me feel pressured into hiring them on the spot but they were so thorough explaining everything and their prices seemed very fair that I decided to not keep looking and I’m glad I did. Will highly recommend them to friends and family
Will definitely recommend to others really grateful for their time and professionalism they were on time and upfront about the amount I was most likely going to pay and it ended up being less. Will recommend to others
Found these guys thru Yelp and was so pleased with their service that had to write not only a review on yelp but on google as well. Thank you Jonathan for your amazing fast repair. Will definitely recommend to my friends and family.
Fast amazing service. I really appreciate their honesty when It came to Fixing my electrical panel problem. Had called several other companies and non came even close to figuring out the problem. Glad I cal these guys. Thank you